In-Space Mission Secures £300k Growth Loan from Enterprise M3 Funding Escalator

In-Space Mission Secures £300k Growth Loan from Enterprise M3 Funding Escalator

Alton based In-Space Missions, is the latest company to secure funding from the Enterprise M3 Expansion Loan Scheme. The £300,000 loan will help the business grow its innovative “Space as a Service” model.

In-Space Missions was established in 2015 by Tony Holt and Doug Liddle to provide a managed service that would enable customers to access space, reducing their costs and helping them overcome the barriers to entry when breaking into the space market. The company began operations at the BASE Innovation Centre in Bordon and recently expanded into new offices in Alton, Hampshire with dedicated manufacturing facilities.

In-Space Missions are world-class experts with a new space approach offering “Space as a Service” to commercial and government customers. This can involve the design, build, launch and operation of satellites and offers low-cost payload flight opportunities. The In-Space model allows for much quicker and easier access to space for customers who take a ‘slot’ on board rather than having to manage the entire mission themselves. Increasingly it is also becoming possible for a customer to upload their payload onto a satellite already on orbit.

This innovative solution at market disrupting prices, has led to significant demand for In-Space’s services, leading to rapid company growth. The funding will be used to finance the move to the new premises to accommodate additional staff and provide increased manufacturing capability, as well as part-funding the development of a higher performance satellite platform.

Tony Holt, CTO and Co-Owner of In-Space Missions, commented: “At In-Space Missions we are passionate about using our experience and innovative approach to democratise space, opening up the benefits of this sector to more businesses across the globe. This EM3 expansion loan will help us increase our capacity to deliver “Space as a Service” and achieve this goal. The FSE Group has recognised the potential of our business model and we are grateful to Derek and the team for their support in helping us secure the funding to drive our business forward.”

The global space economy is expected to grow by a third over the next five years, taking its value to almost $560billion. This is being fuelled in part by the “New Space” phenomenon: a series of technological and business model innovations that have led to a significant reduction in costs and resulted in the provision of new products and services that have broadened the existing customer base.

Derek Ellis, Investment Manager at The FSE Group, which manages the EM3 Expansion Loan Scheme on behalf of Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), added: “The growth in this sector is leading to an increased market demand for affordable access to space. In-Space Missions’ highly experienced team have developed a much sought-after, low-cost satellite solution. With the space industry emerging as one of the most lucrative sectors globally, the team is on the precipice of exponential growth and we are thrilled to be helping them reach their potential.”

Rob Dunford, Director – Business Delivery, Enterprise M3 LEP, comments: “It’s fantastic to see In‐Space Missions expanding in Alton. This is yet another demonstration of how an important company in our Space Cluster is going from strength to strength. The space sector has been identified as a key high‐value sector in our Revive and Renew recovery Action Plan, so to see In‐Space Missions grow and develop this larger space, with increased clean room capacity is both exciting and encouraging.”

 The EM3 Expansion Loan Scheme is part of the Enterprise M3 Funding Escalator, £10million initiative funded by Enterprise M3 LEP. The escalator, which also includes a short-term trade loan scheme and an equity growth fund, provides eligible companies with loans and equity funding between £50,000 and £300,000 for activities that will deliver high-growth and employment opportunities across the EM3 area.

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