GoKart Accelerates to New Funding Round

GoKart Accelerates to New Funding Round

A Technology platform that specialises in linking wholesale food suppliers with restaurants has successfully completed a funding round. The investment comes from the Thames Valley Berkshire Growth Fund, managed by The FSE Group and includes further investment from high profile private angel investors.

GoKart based in Reading, Berkshire, have developed an app that allows restaurants to order high quality ingredients from vetted suppliers in a quick and easy way. The company offers restaurants a saving of up to 20% on their ingredients by combining their buying power within the app. This gives independent restaurants and small and medium sized chains the same prices and discounts that are offered to larger chains.

Anx Patel, CEO & Founder, GoKart comments, “In my previous role in the food industry I became increasingly frustrated at the advantage enjoyed by chain restaurants. They can order produce in huge quantities, thereby accessing discounts and quick delivery that the independents have no hope of enjoying. With the cost of produce constantly rising and the effects of Brexit heavily affecting the food and beverage sector, we understand the pressures that food businesses face on a day to day basis. It is our aim for GoKart to be the go-to point in helping restaurants prosper by saving them time and money when ordering ingredients at the best prices.”

Simon Labahn, Fund Manager at The FSE Group, who manage the Thames Valley Berkshire Growth Fund on behalf of the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, says, “GoKart received phenomenal support early on in 2016 from Just Eat’s Food Tech Accelerator Programme. The programme allowed Anx and his team to benefit from advice, insights and funding from industry experts. Since then, the company has continued to grow and work tirelessly to perfect their platform. We were immediately impressed by the company’s highly experienced management team and their ability to analyse a high volume of data. Access to such valuable data and a team with the skills to analyse it means GoKart is able to learn, adapt and lead the way in identifying the latest trends. We are excited for the future of GoKart and wish Anx and his team every success.”

TVB Growth Fund is part of Thames Valley Berkshire Funding Escalator, an £11.3m initiative funded by Thames Valley Berkshire LEP to support job creation and economic prosperity in Berkshire. The escalator, which also includes four separate loan schemes, provides eligible companies – from start-up to established – with loans and equity funding between £50,000 and £300,000 for activities that will deliver high-growth and employment opportunities.