Angel Investors

Alongside its fund investment activity, the FSE Group operates a business angel investor network. This service is aimed exclusively at active angel investors, experienced or novice, who are seeking to make new investments in high growth UK companies. All potential investment opportunities shown to FSE’s angels are also the target of investment by FSE-managed funds. Investment opportunities, which are usually EIS-qualifying, span all sectors, though investors can indicate any sectors that they do not wish to invest in. Our business angels are usually high net worth individuals, very often self-made, with substantial entrepreneurial, professional and business experience. They typically each invest between £10,000 and £50,000 in each company, sometimes more.

The FSE angel investment service operates as follows: –

• FSE-registered angels are emailed directly from time to time with quick-to-read but comprehensive-in-scope background material on new investment opportunities, with an invitation to let FSE know if they might be interested in learning more.

• For those angel investors expressing potential interest, any additional information requested is provided, plus access to a shared Dropbox folder, if this has been made available by the target company.

• A meeting is then arranged between the interested FSE angel investors and the company’s top management, along with FSE’s Investor Network Manager and the FSE executive handling the proposed FSE fund investment.

• Subsequent to this meeting and its follow-up actions, the angel investors’ progress on the deal is monitored, with FSE’s Investor Network Manager available throughout to assist up to the eventual completion of the investment.

FSE’s Investor Network Manager is also available generally to facilitate the bringing together of like-minded individuals to discuss prospective investments, which can benefit less experienced angels (and those with more experience!).There is no charge to angels for any of these services. All that’s required to join as an FSE angel is for new investors to complete and submit our Registration Document, which can be found here and one of the two Self-certification forms, which can be found here (to be eligible to receive details of investment opportunities, business angels must be able to certify that they are either high net worth individuals or sophisticated investors, as those terms are defined on the forms and in the relevant financial services legislation).

If you require further information before completing these forms and joining, please do not hesitate to contact our Investor Network Manager by sending him a message here. For more information about how EIS tax relief works, click here and for SEIS tax relief, click here