Coast to Capital Funding Escalator

This fund is reaching the end of its investment period – before submitting a pre-application please call 01276 608510

The Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership has committed £5 million of capital to create a new funding escalator comprising a loan scheme and an equity fund managed by The FSE Group. If you are an ambitious SME based in Surrey or Sussex* with the potential to deliver high growth and employment opportunities, you may be eligible to apply.

Our fund managers offer guidance and support during the application process and further help after the loan or investment is made. We always aim to provide a speedy response to any enquiry.

More information and details about how to apply can be found by clicking on the links below.

Coast to Capital Expansion Loan Scheme:

The Coast to Capital Expansion Loan Scheme can provide up to £500,000 by way of a loan to established SME businesses requiring finance to implement expansion activities that will deliver substantial growth.

Coast to Capital Growth Equity Fund:

The Coast to Capital Growth Equity Fund invests in high growth small and medium sized businesses and can provide up to £200,000 as an equity investment. The investment must be matched by at least an equal amount of private investment, which the FSE Group can work with the company to source.

*SMEs must be based in the Coast to Capital area, which covers parts of Surrey and Sussex – see the Coast to Capital website for details.

To find out more information about the Coast to Capital Funding Escalator please call: 01276 608533

Coast to Capital Growth Hub:

The Coast to Capital Growth Hub is your First Stop Shop, that provides you with free and impartial support, bringing you all the help your Coast to Capital based business needs to achieve your growth goals.