South East Seed Fund

The South East Seed Fund was a £7 million early stage equity fund. The fund has an active portfolio of 12 companies, which mainly focus on digital media, advanced manufacturing, clean technology and spin-out companies from South East universities.

This fund is closed to new investments.

Portfolio Companies:



Bluebella is a provocative and playful lingerie brand that creates beautifully luxe lingerie at affordable prices. Bluebella is stocked in key retailers such as Selfridges, Fenwicks, ASOS and Figleaves and also sells via its own website and social selling.


cisiv logo

Cisiv are real world, post-approval data specialists providing web 2.0 EDC for non -interventional studies and web sites for gathering data on patient outcomes.


datasift newsite

DataSift is the first real-time content curation and filtering platform. With DataSift, users can filter and analyse content across multiple real-time streams and pay only for the content they value.

Duvas Technologies


Duvas Technologies (Differential UltraViolet Absorption Spectroscopy) is a highly flexible cost effective family of intelligent portable, mobile and fixed sensors using closed path spectroscopy, capable of detecting multiple pollutants simultaneously at part-per-billion concentration


fixr 2

FIXR is a free mobile ticketing platform which enables users to buy nightclub and event tickets via their smartphones.

Momentum Bioscience


Using Enzymatic Template Generation & Amplification (ETGA) technology for rapid detection of viable microorganisms, the product enables hospital microbiology laboratories to receive test results in just 24 hours compared to the usual five days using standard detection methods.

No Letting Go

no letting go logo

With over 40 offices throughout the UK, No Letting Go are the premium provider of national property inventories, check-ins and check-outs, protecting residentially and commercially owned properties, serving letting agents, property management companies, private and commercial landlords.

TDB Fusion

tdb fusion logo 1

TDB Fusion specialise in the provision of integrated IT management solutions, process management, carrier and enterprise networking for clients including managed service providers and enterprise organisations, from banking to insurance to utilities and the public sector.

UltraSoc Technologies


UltraSoc is a pioneer of next-generation technology for embedded systems used in a whole range of electronic applications from automotive to consumer products such as mobile phones.

User Replay

User Replay newsite

User Replay helps companies with e-commerce channels understand the difficulties that their customers face when using their websites – such as poor usability and navigation – so conversion rates can be improved.

White Springs

white springs

White Springs help training companies use sales training technology to maximise their value by embedding their intellectual property into everyday workplace tools, enabling clients to receive constant training reinforcement and improved effectiveness through embedded learning and an enhanced sales training methodology.


yamgo tv logo

Yamgo is a leading mobile TV company the allows users to watch free live TV and video on mobile devices. Offering its users unique content and content owners to expand their viewing base through the Yamgo platform.