New Anglia Growing Business Fund

The FSE Group is working with the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership to deliver the New Anglia Growing Business Fund.

Originally launched in April 2013, the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership Growing Business Fund which is funded by the Government’s Regional Growth Fund, provides grant funding to growth businesses across the whole of Norfolk and Suffolk. To date the scheme has approved £30.4m of grants to 291 projects, which has created 3303 jobs.

The Fund provides grants of up to 20% of the project cost, between £25,000 and £250,000, to businesses that have a shortfall in their investment plan and are able to create at least one job for every £20,000 provided by the Fund, with a minimum of one new role.

The Fund targets SMEs across Norfolk and Suffolk.

For more information on this Fund, please contact Neil Sargent or Amanda Castell, or visit the New Anglia LEP website.