Organisations that we use that may process personal data on our behalf

All contacts/users of FSE services

Name Purpose Based
Amazon Web services provides cloud hosting solutions for back up of our data USA
Eventbrite NL B.V. Used for ticketing events held The Netherlands
Prime IT support services UK
TNSC IT support services UK
Twinfield – Wolters Kluwer B.V. Accounting software The Netherlands
Hetzner Online GmbH CRM Web hosting Germany
Microsoft Office Software USA
Barclays Bankers UK
Indeed Ireland Operations Limited Recruitment Ireland
LinkedIn Ireland Recruitment Ireland
Chamberlain Careers Recruitment UK
Employment Hero Holdings Pty Ltd Recruitment Australia
Red Flag Alert LLP Digital production of verification and production of KYC/AML UK
Valentine Recovery Limited t/a Valentine & Co Accountant & Legal services UK
KRE Corporate Recovery Ltd Accountant & Legal services UK
PDT Solicitors LLP Legal Services UK
Field Seymour Parkes LLP Legal Services UK
Capitalise Business Support Ltd Processing lending requests & portfolio management UK

Employees only (additional suppliers)

Name Purpose Based
CMM (Callmaster mobile) 3rd party provider of company mobile phones UK
Vodafone Supplier of company mobile phones contracts UK
Hiscox Training Provider UK
Basecone – Wolters Kluwer B.V. Invoice processing The Netherlands
CBS Complete Background screening DBS checks UK
Miradore Mobile phone MDM Finland
Know Your Candidate DBS checks for employees UK
Bartletts Appointed arranger of staff benefits UK
Aviva Staff Pension and PMI provider UK
Legal & General Keyman provider and Income protection benefit provider UK
Employment Hero Holdings Pty Ltd Payroll processing and HR file processing Australia
Unum Life assurance benefit provider UK
Medicash Health cash plan benefit provider UK
Trust ID Digital right to work checks UK, Germany & Netherlands


Legal & Professional advisors including our Corporate & HR solicitors, auditors & insurance brokers are all based in the UK.

Other companies with The FSE Group corporate structure are all UK registered.

For any companies based outside of the EEA, data is held using appropriate safeguards, with a similar degree of protection.

Some supplier based in the UK store information outside of the UK. Where this is identified, we receive confirmation that the data is held using appropriate safeguards, with a similar degree of protection as required in the UK.