Individual Investors

The FSE Group, through its FCA authorised subsidiary company FSE Fund Managers Limited, operates a number of EIS products that may be suitable for individuals seeking to invest in a professionally managed investment vehicle.

Some of the Funds referred to herein are unauthorised and are classified in the United Kingdom as Non-mainstream Pooled Investments (NMPI). NMPI are classified as higher risk investments and are therefore not suitable for all types of investor, particularly those deemed as Retail. Furthermore (NMPI) are also often classified as an Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) which are subject to the scope of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). For the purposes of the AIFMD the NMPI’s associated with FSE C.I.C are AIFs and are managed by FSE Fund Managers Limited which is categorised as a Small Authorised UK AIFM (Sub-threshold) managing unauthorised AIFs. Note that Sub-threshold AIFMs and their subsequent AIFs are not subject to the same increased regulatory requirements as Full Scope AIFMs are.

Please note that EIS products are not suitable for all investors. You should read the relevant prospectus for each product carefully and ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and its suitability for your own circumstances.

It is therefore important and strongly recommended that you take independent professional advice before considering investment into any product.