East of England

Herts LEP SME Growth Loan Scheme

Debt Funds £200,000 - £500,000

The Herts LEP SME Growth Loan Scheme, together with the Hertfordshire Business Expansion Grant Scheme is a £6.2m initiative funded by the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership. The growth loan scheme supports SMEs who require finance to implement expansion activities that will deliver substantial growth.

Use of funds

  • Entering new markets
    Entering new markets
  • Exporting abroad
    Exporting abroad
  • Hiring new staff
    Hiring new staff
  • Moving to new premises
    Moving to new premises
  • New product development
    New product development
  • Purchasing new equipment
    Purchasing new equipment
  • Sales & marketing activity
    Sales & marketing activity
Private investment leveraged
Enterprises supported
Lent / Invested
Jobs created /safeguarded 177