Enterprise M3 Short Term Trade Loan Scheme

The Enterprise M3 Short Term Trade Loan Scheme is available to established small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that have a short term trade funding requirement. Companies must be based within the Enterprise M3 area.

Key Features

Loan Amount: £50,000 – 300,000

Loan Term: 3 to 12 months

Loan Repayment: tailored repayment arrangements

Security: Debenture. Limited, un-supported personal guarantees may be required depending on risk assessment.

Interest charges and fees: available on application

Location: Company must be based within the Enterprise M3 area


To apply to the Loan Scheme the business must:

  • be a SME established as a limited company
  • have a material part of its operations in the Enterprise M3 area
  • have a short term trade funding requirement that may include the following:

Working capital for specific new contracts/orders: enabling SMEs to fulfil particular orders or contracts which would otherwise have been unattainable due to the working capital cycles involved (e.g. up-front supplier payments, delivery timescales, client payment terms)

Short term irregular invoicing patterns from specific contracts/projects

Up-front tooling requirements for identifiable medium term contracts or export activity

Cash-backing for performance bonds/guarantees: temporary credit enhancement to enable banks to support SMEs in the tendering and delivery of significant/strategic contracts

  • Cheryl Weeks Head of Funds South East
  • James Edwards Investment Manager

Step 1 Download and complete a Pre-Application form
Click to download
Enterprise M3 Short Term Trade Loan Scheme
Step 2 Post or email the completed form to:
Enterprise M3 Trade Finance Loan Scheme
Riverside House,
4 Meadows Business Park,
Station Approach,
Blackwater, Camberley,
Surrey, GU17 9AB.
01276 608531
Exclusions: The finance is available for short term trading/funding purposes and cannot be used for refinancing of existing loans or creditors, or turnaround situations.

The Loan Scheme is unable to provide loans in the following sectors, which include those covered by EU rules and regulations: shipbuilding, steel production, coal production, land and property development, dealing and investment, provision of debt and equity finance and financial Services in general, accountants and the legal services, hotels, nursing and residential care homes, agriculture, horticulture, forestry and timber production, international motor transport.