From “Hear” to There: Helping Students Fulfil their Potential


For over a decade, Woking based Jeremy Brassington has been supporting students who have hearing impairments or dyslexia, to ensure they have the same route to education as able-bodied individuals.

Hearing how it all began

What is now known as Note Taking Express, an easy-to-use application for recording lectures and meetings, originally started out as Conversor, an Assistive Listening Device (ALD).

Typically, students at colleges and universities attend lectures, seminars and tutorials taking pen to paper to make notes from lectures and then write up their rough notes, transforming them into papers, dissertations and theses.

Imagine doing this if you were deaf or dyslexic? You may be able to lip read but may not be able to have the best vantage point in the lecture hall to keep up, or you may have trouble getting the letters in the right order and not be able to make sense of your notes. This can be incredibly difficult and a barrier to demonstrating your understanding of the subject in order to meet the grade.

Listening to advice

Jeremy worked closely with education bodies and further developed Conversor, the Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs), into Note Taking Express – an intuitive, feature rich application and PC programme for recording lectures, meetings and tutorials.

This was made possible by, and coincided with, changes to the government’s Disabled Students’ Allowance scheme, which embraced the use of apps and lecture capture systems over digital voice recorders and in-class notetakers, opening up a whole new world to students. No more worrying about sitting in the right place to lip-read or taking down the letters in the right order, just sit back, listen and record.

Hearing loud and clear

Software and technology are improving rapidly and the Enterprise M3 Funding Escalator has been proud to support Jeremy on his journey to continue to develop his product, raise awareness and ensure it reaches out to more students, helping them to benefit and assist them to achieve their potential.

Jeremy Brassington, CEO of Note Taking Express: “Automatically generating lecture transcripts, summary notes and key concepts is incredibly valuable for these students. Note Taking Express synthesises information into a format which they feel comfortable using for further study or revision. This means that students have a useful stock of material after each lecture and are free to engage and participate in the lecture while recording it on their phone, tablet or laptop. The financial support, which we received with Derek’s help, has been invaluable and will enable us to assist more students who may otherwise have had a significant disadvantage.”

Derek Ellis, Fund Manager for The FSE Group: “This amazing product will give every student, regardless of ability, access to notes and a note writing platform which suits their individual needs. This could completely change the learning process for students who would otherwise have struggled to fulfil their academic potential. We look forward to seeing what the company can achieve in the next stage of its growth journey.”

Kathy Slack OBE, Enterprise M3 LEP CEO: “I’m delighted Enterprise M3 has been able to fund this innovative and exciting company at a time when students, particularly those with additional needs, are reliant on technology more than ever. Products like this are game changing for young people who need additional help and it’s wonderful that the Expansion Loan Scheme has made such a difference for Note Taking Express and all those whose academic lives will be made easier because of the product.”

For more information about the Enterprise M3 Expansion Loan Scheme visit or contact Derek Ellis at tel: 01276 607302 / 07542 609755

For more information about Note Taking Express: Visit or contact Jeremy Brassington at