Cornish Startup Finishes Off The Competition

Codices brings both the players and their own a-game in a landslide month.

While the pandemic may have bogged down this summer for the wider population, August 2020 speaks as a testament that Codices Interactive is merely hitting its stride as a startup.

To start off the month, the company saw its largest event to date, working with Digital Extremes to bring TennoCon 2020 to life online. Building off of Codices’ current product Quiz Kit, the teams produced TennoTrivia, a Warframe-themed quiz section for the event, aimed at keeping their audience involved and interacting in what would have been a one-way streaming event otherwise. In the hour-long show, there were over 92,000 emails collected and prizes given out, to participants from 47 countries, many of whom wouldn’t have been able to attend the physical event. The game was a roaring success, with over 300,000 players in total being involved in answering questions, making Quiz Kit officially one of the top 10 most concurrently played games on Twitch so far this year.

This record comes just after Codices saw its first million users in a month. But, after the success of TennoCon and reaching almost a third of a million players in one day the company is set to break their own records again.

Codices also managed to score a win at the Digital TV Group’s first ever TV Transformers Showcase. The new showcase aimed to bring to light tech companies that aim to innovate the way we use and interact with television, and they beat 7 other pitching businesses, being voted in by both the audience and the judging panel.

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