Do you need Short Term Funding to help your Business? Are you based in the South East?

Since establishment in 2002, The FSE Group has been operating at the heart of the SME community helping them to realise their growth ambitions.

This challenge has never fallen into greater focus than in these current exceptional times.

It may be that your business has had to pause temporarily due to COVID-19 and you may now be thinking about gradually returning to work, re-introducing employees back to the workplace, re-establishing supplier relationships and re-commencing contracts whilst adjusting to business as (un)usual.

In the “here and now” cashflow and financial concerns could seem more prevalent than before and it might be that your business could benefit from a short-term cash injection, but you may not be sure of all the options available to you.

One of the products within The FSE Group’s portfolio, offered in the South East for which your SME could be eligible is the Trade Finance Loan Scheme.

South East – Short Term Trade Finance Loan Scheme

The term trade finance loan is available to eligible SMEs who are established as a limited company and have a material part of its operations located within the Enterprise M3 or Thames Valley Berkshire area. 

Loan amounts range from £50,000 – £300,000 and are repayable over 3 – 12 months.

You could be eligible for this scheme if you have a short-term trade funding requirement that may include the following criteria:

  • Working capital for specific new contracts or orders, which would enable your business to fulfil orders or contracts
  • Short term irregular invoicing patterns from specific contracts/projects
  • Up-front tooling requirements for identifiable medium-term contracts or export activity
  • Cash-backing for performance bonds/guarantees: temporary credit enhancement to enable banks to support SMEs in the tendering and delivery of significant/strategic contracts

For more information about the Enterprise M3 and Thames Valley Berkshire Short Term Trade Finance Loan Scheme visit:

Thames Valley Berkshire Trade Finance Loan Scheme

Enterprise M3 Short Term Trade Loan Scheme

or contact Cheryl Weeks at Tel: 01276 607303 / 07866 835143