Cisiv Receives Further Funding for Growth

FSE is delighted to announce further investment by the South East Seed Fund into investee company, Cisiv. Additional money has also been invested from both new and existing angel investors including members of the Beer and Partners network. Cisiv will use the funds to further expand the sales and technological advancement efforts of the company and to deliver on the exciting partner opportunities it has developed.

Cisiv is a pioneering developer of technology solutions for pharmaceutical companies, enabling their clients to capture new levels of information on the use of their products and treatments in real world settings. Cisiv is a specialist in large scale phase IV observational studies. Their next generation Web-based software platform, Baseline Plus, enables pharmaceutical customers to capture, analyse and share patient data quickly, simply and effectively. With new levels of intelligence harnessed using the platform, they can demonstrate the effectiveness of treatments and identify additional patient value and healthcare benefits way beyond what can be achieved through traditional means.

Cisiv has substantially increased its customer base with the addition of major Clinical Research Organisations which complement its existing relationships with high profile multinational pharmaceutical companies. It has also further refined its product offering since the South East Seed Fund’s first investment 12 months ago. The AdImpetus EIS Fund, managed by FSE Fund Managers, was also an early investor.

Dominic Farmer, CEO of Cisiv stated, “FSE has been a great supporter since the earliest days of the company. It has helped us to build the resource which has contributed to the quality of our product and development of the business. For Cisiv, this round is expected to be transformative in raising awareness of our product as the definitive software brand in the market for post-approval data”

Kevan Jones, CEO of FSE C.I.C. commented: “This is an excellent example of a highly innovative and driven management team which FSE likes to nurture. It also shows the value and need for FSE funding escalator programmes in early stage investment. In this difficult economic environment it is still possible to raise funding for the right company but it does require a lot of management time and skill well supported by existing investors and advisers. We are very excited by the future opportunities for Cisiv and its investors”.