Case Study – Redd & Whyte

Bury St Edmunds based Redd & Whyte Limited have successfully secured a loan of £125,000 from the Regional Growth Loan Scheme (RGLS), managed by The FSE Group.

Founded by a team with extensive experience in sales into the pharmaceutical research sector, the company has developed a range of innovative, high precision dispensing instruments to satisfy the requirements of an expanding life science market, in particular the biotechnology and pharmaceutical research sector. The Preddator range offers major advantages in the handling of complex biochemical reagents at sub microlitre volumes.

The company design and produce specialist innovative liquid handling instruments for the Preddator range of products.

The Preddator range of products has been specifically designed to significantly reduce the effect of blocked tips when dispensing biochemical reagents, cells, gels, oils and greases across a dynamic range of 20nl to 200μl.

Other benefits include virtually no foaming when dispensing surfactants and detergents, and cells can be dispensed with excellent viability.

The system is infinitely flexible with any dispense pattern programmable, even curves in 3 dimensions.

The single channel Preddator S1 is modular in design, so can be upgraded to the 4 channel Preddator S4 variant without the requirement to buy a new system.

In recognition of the highly innovative nature of the Preddator range, in December 2010, it was named as one of The Scientist Magazine’s prestigious Top 10 Innovations of 2010–
The funding provided from the RGLS will be used to support on-going product development via software upgrades and module development, together with investment in marketing and sales infrastructure to service a global client base.

The sales pipeline is rapidly increasing across Europe, Asia and North America, with strong initial sales in Qtr 4 2011 with forecasts for significant global sales growth in 2012 and beyond.

Martyn Hanlon, Commercial Director at Redd & Whyte said, “Funding for R&W has allowed the company to continue its R&D schedule, thus expanding the business without the requirement to go back to the private investment sector for funding.

Redd&Whyte has developed its global business by strict adherence to a policy of open innovation to ensure customers are actively involved in getting the products they need. Being able to develop new products quickly working closely with scientists requires access to R&D funding. Traditional methods of raising funds through grants and private investment can be relatively slow, so this was tailor made for us.”

Stuart Ager, Senior Fund Manager at The FSE Group commented,
“We are delighted to have provided funding to support the on-going development of the product range and enable the company to take advantage of significant global sales opportunities. The Preddator product addresses a key problem in the target market sector and the strong sales pipeline, including all the major global names in the sector, is indicative of how this product can potentially transform drug discovery research.

Redd & Whyte have an extremely experienced management team with strong academic and key research scientist support following extensive testing and evaluation for their products. As a highly innovative company, with global sales potential, its funding requirement meets all our key criteria and we are delighted to be supporting the company.”