Suffolk Software Firm Receives £75,000 Regional Growth Loan

In recent years the prevalence of ‘data’ in our day to day lives has expanded at a velocity beyond expectations. This data explosion is clearly evident when it is estimated that over 90% of data in existence now has been created in the last two years.

This level of data and how it can be used has far reaching implications for many aspects of society, not least in crime and policing. The UKs law enforcement agencies have access to an unprecedented amount of data including vast amounts of video surveillance (CCTV) data, number plate recognition (ANPR) data, social services information, financial transactions and telephone call data records (CDRs). However, what they lack is the ability to analyse this data, which is coming from numerous sources in varying formats, both quickly and efficiently.

Suffolk based CREATE Intelligence is a software firm which has developed a solution to the problem of mass data analysis.

CEO Boyd Mulvey comments: “We live in a world which is increasingly instrumented and interconnected. We now have access to more data than any time in human history, but we lack information, insight and understanding. This is a particular problem when it comes to policing as the volume of data available has become almost unmanageable, yet at the same time there is an expectation from the public that law enforcement agencies should be able to use this data effectively”.

The CREATE Intelligence software, Chorus, is capable of analysing masses of data from different sources in minutes. Until now this process could take weeks, or even months, as manual processing was required to enter all the data into a compatible format, such as excel spreadsheets, before the job of detailed examination or any kind of real investigation could even start to take place.

The software has already been trialled in a number of police authorities across the country and it has exceeded expectations in terms of speed and accuracy of data handling and analysis. As well as providing valuable cost savings to the public purse, higher than expected productivity gains are also enabling faster arrests, prosecutions and convictions.

As the company looks to roll out the product to a wider market in the UK and beyond, they have been successful in securing £75,000 from the East of England Regional Growth Loan Scheme. This loan will assist with marketing and sales force development, as well as creating additional roles to support this.

Stuart Ager, Senior Fund Manager at Finance East, which manages the loan scheme says: “An advance in software development such as this, which has the potential to influence police investigations so positively, clearly needs to be supported in reaching its goals. At Finance East we are excited to be assisting CREATE Intelligence at this point in their growth and look forward to seeing the impact that they can have in this sector.”