Regional Growth Loan Funding for Smart Carbon Control Ltd

Energy efficiency is increasingly big business – whether the driving force is environmental, cost or compliance based, more and more companies are seeking to monitor and ultimately, cut their energy consumption levels. Furthermore, large organisations are on a worldwide basis facing increasing pressure, in terms of both legislation and corporate social responsibility, to adequately manage, control and report on their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Letchworth based Smart Carbon Control Ltd is helping companies to do just this with their pioneering eFM platform. The platform allows for all the diverse aspects of a business’s asset and energy infrastructure – heating, ventilation, lighting, air conditioning, plant and more – across a complex array of sites, whether local, national or multinational, to be closely monitored and more importantly to be controlled and managed remotely, via a single web based portal.

The system is a modular web based platform. Once the eFM core software is in place the relevant elements can be selected as required from four key modules – monitoring, alarm & audit, control & management, and reporting & analysis – resulting in maximum flexibility for the client. Moreover, the software can integrate with existing hardware, whether a legacy building management system platform or an individual equipment sensor.

Smart Carbon Control CEO Matt Pumfrey explains further:

“We provide an estate-wide, real-time solution for asset and energy management. Our software is highly manageable, enabling the operator to observe and control their systems in considerable detail – they have the capacity to view the complete portfolio for their sites or drill down to an individual building, room or sensor. Once up and running there are multiple applications that can be deployed including financial modelling, forecasting and management , asset management and control. This provides increasingly relevant reporting tools, which allow clients to automatically capture information and report on energy usage and costs, asset efficiency and operational performance and compliance reporting, such as to ISO 50001 and CRC commitments. This can be split to individual buildings, environments and equipment or reported on a global basis to produce reports that reflect industry specific legislative requirements.”

Established in 2001 as Dedicated Engines Ltd, Smart Carbon Control has been leading the way in remote monitoring and control with its innovative and progressive software and to date has implemented over 1,000 remote energy management systems within commercial and government buildings in eight different countries. 2012 has seen the company restructure, rename and rebrand and together with a £300,000 funding round which included £150,000 from the East of England Regional Growth Loan Scheme which is managed by Finance East, they are now looking to further expand the company.

Stuart Ager, Senior Fund Manager at Finance East, part of the FSE Group, says:

“Matt and the team at Smart Carbon Control have really taken steps during the past year to position the company for significant growth. They have an exceptional product and now have the structures in place to further develop it and market it accordingly. We are excited to be supporting them on this stage of their journey and look forward to seeing them build upon the foundations that have been put in place.”