Case Study – Qualitetch Components Ltd

Qualitetch Components Limited (“QC”), a Cambridgeshire-based metal components manufacturer has received funding via the East of England Regional Growth Loan Scheme, managed by the FSE Group, as part of a capital expenditure programme to re-organise its factory premises to improve efficiency and accommodate large new customer orders.

QC uses a specialist process of photo chemical etching to produce precision metal components, which are used in a wide range of markets such as telecommunications, aerospace, defence, scientific instrumentation, renewable energy and consumer goods.

Photo Chemical Machining is an engineering production technique for the manufacture of burr-free and stress-free flat metal components by selective chemical etching through a photographically produced mask. This process is highly specialized and only undertaken by a very small number of companies in the UK.

The company was founded in 1990 before being subject to an MBO by present Managing Director, Alexander Craig in 2008. Mr Craig comments: “We are delighted to have received this substantial backing from the East of England Regional Growth Loan Scheme. The recent attraction of a significant new business contract will transform the finances of the business. We have overcome significant technical hurdles to achieve major advances in the PCM process to meet the demands of our new customer and the capex programme will increase production efficiency to meet increased order levels.”

Senior Fund Manager, Stuart Ager added, “Qualitetch Components is an established company in the specialist metal components manufacturing sector, with a good reputation for having quality product delivered in agreed timeframe. We believe they have great potential to achieve their forecast growth aspirations and we have full confidence in the experience of the management team, who have demonstrated the ability to invest in innovation and customer service to ensure continued successful trading in difficult economic conditions.”

The FSE Group manages the East of England Regional Growth Loan Scheme, providing debt funding to high growth companies based in the East of England. The FSE Group is an independent not-for-profit Community Interest Company whose purpose is to deliver growth funding and support to SMEs. The FSE Group delivers all regulated activities through FSE Fund Managers Ltd, a 100% owned subsidiary which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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Stuart Ager, Senior Fund Manager, The East of England Regional Growth Loan Scheme

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