Cambridge Temperature Concepts Secure £200,000 Loan

CTC have been successful in gaining a £200,000 loan from the Regional Growth Loan Scheme (RGLS), managed by Finance East and financed by the East of England Development Agency (EEDA).

Cambridge Temperature Concepts (CTC) was founded by a group of PhD scientists from the University of Cambridge in 2006. The experienced team at CTC have successfully secured substantial Angel investment to date and their first product the DuoFertility fertility monitor, has been launched in the UK providing an alternative solution to the significant number of couples dealing with infertility issues.

The loan will be used to expand manufacturing capacity to meet increased demand – related to a distribution contract with Boots, and enter the N American market, following FDA approval expected in 2012.

The Product

The initial product, DuoFertility, is aimed at the market of couples suffering fertility problems, but research is underway in areas as diverse as sleep quality through to veterinary applications.

DuoFertility is a non-invasive, easy-to-use female fertility monitor. It is the most natural, convenient, and precise way of maximising chances of getting pregnant. The DuoFertility technology provides accurate and early detection of exactly when a woman is at the most fertile stage of her cycle. A small sensor patch is worn under the arm which monitors body temperature every second, heat flow and movement with unprecedented accuracy via sensors and wireless connection to a sophisticated software package

The data can then be transferred to a hand-held reader which displays the results in an accessible and easy-to-read manner for the user.

A peer reviewed clinical trial has shown that using DuoFertility is as successful as IVF and substantially cheaper and less invasive.

The product has been launched in UK and a distribution contract obtained with Boots. CTC was featured on BBC2 TV series “Britain’s Next Big Thing” in early 2011, in a series covering process of securing the deal with Boots.

The Market

DuoFertility competes with IVF and other assisted reproductive therapies and with off-the-shelf fertility monitors and tests. In the UK, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority – – estimates that 1 in 6 couples are unable to conceive within a year of trying. 180,000 couples use IVF each year in Europe and the market in N America is estimated to be c 750,000 couples per annum.

Shamus Husheer, CEO at CTC, commented, “Finance East have provided non-dilutive capital at a critical stage of company growth, helping the company expand into new markets.”

Stuart Ager, Senior Fund manager at The FSE Group commented, ‘’ We are delighted to be supporting CTC and assisting them to address this significant market opportunity. The management team are highly motivated with an innovative technology that has multi-applications. The company has proven itself with strong academic and clinical data, significant investor backing and a growing customer base. The regional growth loan will assist in sustaining a significant opportunity, and provide CTC with the resources required to seize the international growth potential.’’ /