Emotion Systems Receives TVB Expansion Loan for Exporting

A Berkshire company is set for growth as it looks to further expand its specialist software solutions into the global broadcasting industry.

Emotion Systems was founded in 2009 by MC Patel and Iain Davies who had worked together for over 20 years in the field of broadcast technology, holding senior positions in companies designing and developing digital production equipment for the TV, video and film industries.

Based in Hermitage, near Newbury, Emotion Systems has created industry-leading software to assist TV, video and film makers in their post-production practices. Its software products, eFF and eRAP, offer audio processing solutions that provide a more efficient workflow process.

In today’s digitally and globally focused media landscape, TV and film makers need to produce their content in many different formats. Encompassing everything from making sure content can be viewed on tablets and phones, as well as on DVD and TV, to distributing it in multiple languages. This can result in up to 250 different versions of a single programme.

CEO, MC Patel explains: “There is a change happening in the industry right now as the content creation and distribution process is moving from tapes to digital files. How the audio translates when files are reformatted into the required type is obviously a big deal. Our software helps make the process of extracting the audio elements, re-working it, repairing it or whatever else may be required, a simple and time efficient process. This is in stark contrast to the hours, or even days, previously spent in the editing room to achieve the same result.”

Emotion Systems eFF software has been designed to provide loudness compliance for broadcast delivery. This is now a mandatory or legal requirement for many countries. The software has been designed for speed and efficiency. Indeed, one major client can now process their movies ten times faster through using eFF.

The company has already earned a notable reputation, serving some of the industry’s leading broadcasters, including Ericsson (UK & France), NHK (Japan) and Sky (UK). In order to take advantage of this rapidly booming market, the company turned to The FSE Group for funding to help it service its growth plans. A £200,000 Thames Valley Berkshire Expansion Loan will do just that by allowing the creation of new jobs in the Berkshire area, which will drive the export growth of the business.

Ian Baker, Senior Fund Manager at The FSE Group comments: “MC and the team at Emotion Systems have been highly focused on designing and developing products that would serve an industry need that was not being fulfilled, taking a consultative approach with customers, listening to feedback and refining software to come up with a market-leading offering. We are looking forward to working with the team at Emotion Systems whilst they achieve their full potential for export-led growth.”

The TVB Expansion Loan Scheme is part of the Thames Valley Berkshire Funding Escalator, a £7.3m initiative, which also includes a commercialisation loan and a growth fund, to support job creation and economic prosperity in Berkshire. Aimed at businesses of all stages, from start-up to established, the escalator provides loans and equity funding between £25,000 and £200,000 to eligible businesses which meet the relevant criteria. Funded by Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership and managed by FSE C.I.C., the Thames Valley Berkshire Funding Escalator is aimed at businesses based in Berkshire with the potential to deliver high growth and employment opportunities.

For more information, please contact Ian Baker ian.baker@thefsegroup.com 01276 608517